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Digital Label Printing

digital label printing - jetrion 4900 digital label printer and laser die cutting station
Digital Label Printing is the technology transforming the print industry including label printing. Positive ID Labelling have invested in digital label printing technology to help customers benefit from all the advances in uv inkjet technology.

We have an EFI Jetrion 4900 digital label printer fitted with a laser die cutting station.

  • No printing plates
  • No cutter tooling
  • 360 dpi print resolution
  • UV inkjet for long-term colour fast images
  • Full CMYK colour gamut with white ink capability
  • Print on virtually any substrate: Vellum, Semi-Gloss, Polypropylene, Clear and Metallic PP, PET and many more
  • Up to 25m/min print speed
  • Jobs completed in a single process
  • Ideal for beer labels, vape labels, food labels, chemical labels and many other applications

Key benefits of digital label printing:

Using digital technology means we can produce labels using industrial grade uv inkjet technology. Inkjet requires no printing plates, unlike conventional flexographic printing. Digital printing also means full colour with CMYK inks and the ability to print with white ink too. This means we can print on a wide range of materials but still make the labels ‘pop’ regardless of the background material colour. You benefit from the fact that there is no lead time between you approving artwork and it being placed in the job queue.

Our Jetrion 4900 comes with a digital laser die cutting station. This means we cut the labels out using laser beams rather than traditional rotary cutting dies. We no longer need to buy a cutter or agree the cutter. This again means there is no lead time between approval and your job being placed in the job queue.

Laser cutting labels means we can make virtually any shape or size (within the limitations of the machine). It also means we are not tied to the physical restrictions of a rotary die. If you need a specific gap between your labels, we can make that happen without any difficulty. As a result, we are able to duplicate any label that you may have had made by any other label manufacturer. If you are tied to expensive competition, you can move cheaply to us with the flexibility and cost savings afforded by digital label printing.

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