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    Food Labelling Support

    food labelling support - ice cream labelHere at Positive ID Labels, we pride ourselves on providing solutions that work and are happy to tell you of another successful installation. We were proud to provide a direct thermal label printer to our customer Alburgh Ice Creams in Norfolk, a newly founded cottage business making a range of delicious ice creams. However, it transpired they needed some food labelling support to help them get up and running.

    Having agreed to supply a sandwich labelling printer (which would do exactly what the customer wanted) and some plain direct thermal labels to get them started, our customer found they were struggling to get the system working.

    Our technical team were able to discuss the problem and with the customer’s consent, we logged into their machine to provide remote food labelling support for them. We rolled back their installation and re-installed the printer, drivers and software. Having ensured this was all working, wWe followed this up by giving the customer a one to one tutorial in working the software and sending them the full instructions over email to refer back to in the future.

    All that remains is the delivery of the customers custom design for their ice cream tubs and they are good to go!

    Commenting on the matter, John Mayers said:

    We are always happy to help our customers get the results they want. Our team will always go the extra mile but this has identified another area where we hope to improve and our staff will be working to deliver online video content and tuition for customers that they can refer to again and again.

    Commenting on the matter, Pete Howells, Technical Manager said:

    Setting up a labelling system is a technical matter. We do it all the time so it takes a matter of minutes. Our customers can struggle with getting the computer and printer to work correctly. This incident lead to a review of how we deal with purchases and we took the decision to give a much higher level of food labelling support in every event.

    As a matter of course, we are happy for customers to complete their own installation but we always offer free installation and one to one tuition to get them started. If you buy a labelling system from us you can be guaranteed remote installation and remote tuition.

    What this means is that we will log into your computer remotely (with your consent) and install the printer drivers and the Label Direct software for you. We check everything is working and then proceed on an hour long one to one tutorial. We set up the labels how the customer wants and show them how to add or remove or edit data on their labels.

    We are the only supplier in the UK that is prepared to offer this level of support freely with the purchase.

    We have since added to this level of support and now provide video training too. Use of the printer has been broken down into three training videos which the customer can watch at their leisure to learn how to get the best from their system. This leaves us way ahead of the competition when it comes to customer service and food labelling support.

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