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Car Polish Labels

Why buy car polish labels from us?

  • Family run British business
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image of a selection of car polish and car care products with car polish labels on them

Digitally Produced Car Polish Labels

For shorter runs, we can produce your car polish labels using our digital press, ideally suited to chemical label production. This means we will not have to use printing plates or cutters to make your labels. Our digital press uses UV Bubblejet technology on an industrial scale and can produce your label designs without the need for tooling. It works much like a desktop printer with the exception it can print 20 metres of material per minute!

The digital press also includes a laser die cutting station and requires no tooling to cut your labels. As such, we do not need to buy any cutting tools to make your labels. This means you can take advantage of the laser technology and have virtually any shape label you want. Designs can be changed by simply redrawing the shape of the label and loading the file into the press.

Our digital press can use metallic based materials at no extra charge to you. Combined with the use of white ink, we can create labels embellished with a foil effect to make your car polish labels really pop. We can also use clear material that will allow customers to see through the label (if in a clear container) and add to the attractiveness of your product on the shelf.

We will price your labels once we know the size and quantity you need. If it is cost effective to produce them digitally we will offer you the best overall price taking into consideration the tooling costs that would be required for the alternative flexographic printing method.

Flexographic Car Polish Labels

If you require a larger volume order, flexographically printed car polish labels may be a cheaper solution. Flexographic printing requires printing plates and die cutting tools. These are a one-off cost with your first order and are not required on for future orders. Printing plates are charged at £35 per plate and the number of plates will depend on the number of colours used in the label design. A full-colour label can be made using four colours – i.e. four printing plates of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

A cutter price is dependent on the number of label shapes included in the die. The more shapes on the die, the higher the cost. However, as a general rule, a price of £100 for a cutter is a good estimate.

Flexographic printing is run at higher speeds than digital printing. This means we can make more labels in a shorter period of time. Whilst the digital and flexographic printing machines are ‘rented’ at the same cost, the time on press can be significantly reduced using the higher print run speeds, passing savings to you.


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