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Soluble Labels

Why buy soluble labels from us?

  • Family run British business
  • Next day delivery across the UK
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  • Credit accounts available
  • In-house graphic design service
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

How can we help?

So you want some Soluble Labels? Well you’re in the right place. We have been making specialised labels for over 20 years! We can manufacture your labels to order, quickly and at a competitive price with no fuss.

If you have any uncertainty, it is best to talk to us and let us guide you to use the most appropriate material for your Soluble Labels based on how they will be used. If you call us on 01332 864895 we can talk you through the options. It can be helpful to do this as it saves time for you too.

We have a vast range of cutters and also digital die cutting equipment, so any shape or size label is possible. We can print your labels on a range of plasticised or paper-based materials in a range of base colours and finishes. If you need high volumes, the unit price for your Soluble Labels will be less so buy as many as you can. To get a quick idea of pricing, fill in the form below and we will call you asap!

With years and years of experience, we can manufacture your Soluble Labels to the highest standards. We manufacture using flexographic printing or where appropriate, modern digital printing. With our experience, we will determine the most cost-effective method of production based on your label specification.

Our Jetrion 4900 digital printing press can make you Soluble Labels in full colour without the need for expensive printing plates. Digital printing is little different from using a computer and desktop printer – just bigger, better and faster. As an industrial grade printer should be. Our Jetrion 4900 digital press has a laser die cutting station and uses high power lasers to cut the label shape from our feedstock material. This means your labels are cut to shape with a laser, not a metal die on a cylinder. If you want to change your labels for your next order, we can just re-draw them and off we go!

Flexographic printing is ideal for high volume label orders. It reduces unit prices and is a faster printing technology compared to digital. Simple label designs can be completed on our Rotopress 6 colour water-based press. For complex full-colour labels, we have a brand new Etirama 350 6 colour UV and water-based ink press. The Etirama is a new addition, costing over £330,000 and capable of printing at over 100 metres per minute, reducing production time and cost.


For a detailed Soluble Labels quote by email, please fill in the form by clicking here. Alternatively, call us now to discuss your order on 01332 864895. If you would prefer us to call you, fill in the form below and someone will call within an hour or so (working hours only).

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