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    Traffic Light Labelling – here’s a neat, cheap trick!

    Image to show how traffic light data can be printed into pre-coloured secions of a labelHaving full blown colour traffic light labelling on your sandwich labels is beyond the economic reach of most small sandwich producers. Here at Positive ID Labels, we have figured out a way of achieving the same result at a fraction of the cost.

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    Most sandwich producers have to label their products and most of the time they will be doing this with super-reliable sandwich label printers such as the ones we supply. But these printers all have the same compromise. In order to be cheap to buy and run, they only print in black. There is no colour option.

    It is possible to buy label printers with full-colour capability but these capabilities come at a price. Instead of a printer costing a few hundred quid, you are looking at a printer costing a few thousand quid.

    These colour printers also cost a small fortune to run in terms of consumables, eating into more of your profits rather than getting people eating into more of your sandwiches!

    To overcome this cost, Positive ID Labels can pre-print a colour coded area onto your sandwich labels using any of our full-colour printing presses. This full colour area can then be used to convey the traffic light labelling using one of our cost-effective thermal label printers.

    How does it work?

    In your database (if you are using our Nutridata nutrition calculation software) traffic light data is stored in a relative column for the specific nutrient. This means we store the fat value in a high, medium or low column.

    By this, we mean that if the fat content is considered to be high, it will be in a database field that only holds values if they are considered high. Medium levels of fat will be in the medium column and low values in the low column.

    When it comes to pulling the data from your database, the labelling software (Label Direct), will print the contents of all three traffic light fat values.

    The thing is, if fat content is high, there will be no value in the medium or low fields so those will be left blank. Only the high fat field, the red field in the label pre-print, will have a value printed. The other two will remain blank.

    This system means you can deliver meaningful, front-of-pack, traffic light labelling indicators for your customers at no real additional expense.

    To discuss your labelling needs and buy labels and label printing systems, why not call us on 01332 864895. We can walk you through all the options and ensure you get the best solution possible at the best price on the market. Coupled with this, Positive ID Labels deliver outstanding customer support. Just look at our Trustpilot reviews.

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