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    Vape Bottle Label Market Takes Off

    vape bottle labelsThe campaign to stop people smoking cigarettes gave birth to the vaping industry and they need vape bottle labels. The technological break through has seen millions of people across the globe quit smoking and start vaping instead.

    Whilst the jury is still out on whether vaping is completely safe, there is the feeling vaping causes less damage than smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes. As a result, the e-cigarette business has boomed across the globe. It’s perceived to be better for health and also due to the fact that vaping is considerably cheaper than smoking! This boom in turn, has seen a boom in vape bottle labels being produced by Positive ID Labelling.

    The growth has given rise to literally hundreds of businesses supplying vape paraphernalia as well as consumables such as e-cigarettes and the e-liquids that go with them. All e-liquids need to be labelled for marketing and safety purposes and Positive ID Labels has just the machine for the making your vape bottle labels legal!

    In November 2015, we invested over £300,000 in a Jetrion 4900 in-line digital print and finishing press to manufacture labels on rolls. Having developed several markets already, this investment allows Positive ID Labels to take on the enormous vaping market by supplying your vape bottle label in any shape or size at a fraction of the cost of traditional analogue printing methods.

    Developing labels through analogue tech requires an artwork phase followed by plate manufacture. If the label design is a shape or size the printing company does not have a die for, the customer will be faced with a die charge; usually in excess of £100. With plates costing £120 for a set of four, it is easy to see that the cost of manufacturing a new vape label can be prohibitive. Vape suppliers are left with the miserable options of high initial tooling investment or settling for a dull black and white label.

    Digital Vape Bottle Labels

    The digital print process is completely different. The digital press is full colour and includes a white ink plane which gives the opportunity for really complex label designs. The digital press can print vape bottle labels on a range of substrates but most commonly we use polypropylene in either white, clear or metallic. But the big deal is that there are no plate charges. Our digital printing press is effectively a wide format UV bubble jet – just like your desktop printer but, well, a lot better!

    Your vape labels can come in any shape or size too; asthe press has an in-line laser die cutting station. This means we cut out the shape of your label using high power lasers, tuned to cut the face materials but not the liners for your labels.

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