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    Butchers Weighing Scales delivered post haste

    A butchers weighing scales enquiry came in on a Wednesday recently. The existing] customer needed to meet new orders for one of the nation’s largest supermarket chains so we were chuffed to bits to offer our help and support.

    The customer need to produce catch weight labels with a lot of detail to meet the new food labelling regulations. Despite the customer producing award winning goats cheeses, our butchers weighing scales suited the application perfectly.

    They called on a Wednesday to say they wanted a system which would be running by the next Tuesday. We re-arranged our production schedule for the labels and had our technical team set up the scales in the office in readiness for use. All their kit and labels were sent on a 9.00am delivery for the Tuesday they needed them by.

    After confirming the arrival of the butcher’s weighing scales, our local representative went to the customer’s premises and did a complete install and setup their labels. Being experienced in this process, the set-up took no more than 90 minutes from start to finish and required little or no further input from the customer after that initial meeting.

    Butchers Weighing Scales

    Butchers Weighing ScalesOur butchers weighing scales combine a trading standards-compliant weighing scale with a SOLO printer system. The set up can be configured to work independently from the computer used to set it up by using a stand-alone keyboard to send commands to the printer. Once the file system was uploaded to the printer, the butchers weighing scale is ready for use.

    “Catch weighing” allows large numbers of similar size products to be prepared and wrapped. This is done manually by an operative who with a little practice and experience can manage surprisingly similar-sized units.

    The user places their product on the butchers weighing scales and presses a button on the scale to send the weight data to the printer. The printer then multiplies this weight by the price per kilo set in the printer and automatically produces one label (or more if required). The label printer can have a peel unit installed (£40 additional cost) which saves the operator valuable seconds when producing high numbers of unique products.

    The system uses a database of products and can have a virtually infinite number of discrete items loaded with varying price per kilo information, barcodes, dynamic barcodes (incorporating prices) and dates.

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