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Sandwich Labelling

Sandwich labelling is a cornerstone product. We know pretty much all there is to know about sandwich labelling in the UK and European marketplace.

We can provide complete sandwich labelling systems including printers, software and computers. You can have you sandwich labelling system, configured as a stand-alone system or driven directly from a desktop PC or laptop. Using “Parallels” software, you can run the software on Macs although the original software is designed to run on Windows PCs.

We can help and advise you on choosing the right solution for your needs then we will support you installing the system and training you how to use it, unlike our competitors who will leave you in the dark.

We pride ourselves on customer support and offer label design free of charge (unlike our competitors) as well as including the option for a batch of free labels with your order.

We also encourage direct thermal printing solutions as this saves on running costs associated with our competitors’ offerings that all trick you into using consumables. Just give us a call and we can get started on a demo straight away.

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