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    Positive ID Labels UK Label Manufacturers

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    Why buy from Positive ID Labels?

      UK Product Label Manufacturers

      Positive ID Labels: family run UK Label Manufacturers based in South Derbyshire. Employing over 20 staff and with over 25 years label manufacturing experience.

      With a turnover exceeding £2m, we are small enough to care and big enough to cope.

      Starting out in the pricing gun sector, Positive ID Labels have grown over the last 25 years to become one of the major players in the UK Label Manufacturing market. We have nearly a dozen label manufacturing machines, ranging from the simplest to a digital printing press with laser die cutting capability.

      With such a range of equipment at our disposal, product labels of all kinds for all sorts of applications fall into our repertoire. Whether it is sandwich labels, chemical labels, pharmacy labels, food labels or pricing gun labels, we can make them.

      As a leading UK label manufacturer, we make buying labels as easy as possible! We will use our wealth of knowledge to come up with the most cost-effective solution for the production of your labels. Whether you need large quantities suited to flexographic printing or digital labels suited to smaller production runs or multiple designs. Speak with an expert now – call 01332 864895

      Flexographic Label Production

      With nearly 1,000 label manufacturers across the UK, most can only hope to produce the range and quality of label Positive ID Labels thrive on. Unlike over 90% of those competitors, we have both digital and flexographic label production capability. Our flexographic capabilities are of the highest standards thanks to our MPS EB350 printing press. This flexographic label press produces images with crisp image clarity that leaves our competitors in our wake.

      Flexographic label production is ideal for large run label orders. Typically at least 1,000 linear metres of material will be cost effective for a flexographic label order. Flexographic label printing requires printing plates and cutter tooling. These charges are a one-off cost on your first order. The printing plates will cost £35 each and the overall cost depends on the design and specification of the label. We can print up to 8 colours, add lamination or varnishing and print cold foiling to make your labels ‘snap’.

      As a flexographic label manufacturer, we also need to cut your labels ‘in-line’ during the print run. We do this using a cutting tool. These vary in cost from around £60 to several hundred pounds, depending on specification. Once the tooling is ordered, any changes to your labels will incur additional tooling charges. However, modern digital label printing has got rid of this issue as both plates and cutters are no longer required!

      UK based Digital UK Label Manufacturers

      UK Label Manufacturers capable of making Digital Labels - image of the Jetrion 4900Positive ID Labels is one of the UK’s leading Digital Label Manufacturers. In recent years the UK label manufacturing industry has seen a quantum leap in digital technology for label production. Digital label production offers several benefits when compared to traditional flexographic printing methods.

      There are two main types of digital label process used by digital label printing companies. These are toner-based or liquid inkjet-based technologies. Positive ID Labels operate a Jetrion 4900 digital UV inkjet printer with laser die cutting station. Sounds fancy eh? Well, it is!

      As a digital label manufacturer, we can take advantage of not requiring fixed printing plates to produce your digital labels. This means we can create a design and print it in much the same way you might on your office or home computer. The only difference is our printer is an industrial high capacity beast!

      Not having to buy printing plates is only part of the story. Unlike virtually all UK based digital label printing companies, we have an inline digital laser die cutting station. Whereas other digital label printers will need you to pay for cutter tooling for your labels, we do not. This means our press can produce your labels without the need to buy any tooling whatsoever. There are no initial tooling charges for your order.

      Because it is an inline laser die cutting station, your labels are produced in one production sequence. This means we put on the feedstock at one end of the printing press and take off finished rolls of labels on the other! The single-step production process means less cost to us and cheaper labels for you.

      You can watch a video of our laser die cutting station in action here.

      UV Inkjet Digital Labels v. Toner Based Digital Labels

      Our digital UV inkjet also benefits from very high durability in virtually all environments. UV inkjet digital labels do not suffer from heat issues that toner-based machines can. This is because the ink ‘cures’ onto the label. With toner based machines, the toner is subject to melting at higher temperatures making it far less durable in many environments. The way to solve that problem is to laminate the output which adds cost and waste to the production of labels. It can also lead to a high environmental impact to produce your digital labels.

      UK Based Plain Label Manufacturer and Blank Label Manufacture

      Daco D350 Turreted rewind machine for plain label conversion from leading plain label manufacturer Positive ID LabelsWe don’t only print product labels of all types and for all industries using our digital and flexographic printing presses. Positive ID Labels is one of the foremost producers of plain and blank labels for thermal printing systems. We have three Daco Solutions turreted plain label converters with a range of tooling and cutters available for you to use.

      These machines are the pinnacle of reliability and performance and capable of massive continuous production of plain labels. The larger PLD350 machine incorporates a high capacity unwind allowing the use of 6,000 metre rolls of feedstock which reduces downtime and increase throughput. Ideal for the production of courier labels in high volumes, standard 4″x4″ (102mm x 102mm) and 4″x6″ (102mm x 152mm) labels are always in production.


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