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    Our Label Printing Capabilities

    Why buy from Positive ID Labels

      Read more about our label printing capabilities here: Through many years of planned growth and development, Positive ID Labels can manufacture most types of self-adhesive labels and tags in-house.  We are proud of being a family business and through strategic acquisitions of both label production equipment and companies, we are able to offer a wide range of products and services to our ever growing client base from various industry sectors.

      Our two purpose built manufacturing plants in Melbourne, Derbyshire, house our Mark Andy & MPS EB370 8 colour UV flexographic label presses, EFI Jetrion digital label press with laser finishing and our range of Daco Solutions plain label converting equipment.

      All our production equipment is supported by a full in-house artwork department, plate making and ink mixing facilities to enable us to keep control of quality and lead times of the finished labels to our clients. This all goes towards enhancing our label printing capabilities

      Digital Label Printing Capabilities

      We can produce a range of full-colour digital UV inkjet labels using our Jetrion 4900 press. This press incorporates a laser die cutter inline. This means we can produce your labels from start to finish on one production process. Label stock is placed on the feed mandrel at unwind end of the machine. This then passes through the web cleaner and corona treater and the print head where full-width White, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks are laid down, to produce any full-colour image you can create. The ink is then UV cured and passed through the laser die cutting station. The lasers then cut the label to the shape on the design. The material then passes through a stripping station and the waste matrix is removed to give a full-width set of die cut labels. This is then slit into single lanes and wound onto cores. The labels are now on rolls at the end of the machine ready for final inspection prior to going into the delivery box in whatever quantity you want per roll.

      There are no cutters or printing plates involved. Call us on 01332 864895 to speak with a label account manager now.

      Flexographic Label Printing Capabilities

      For larger label orders, we will use one of our flexographic printing presses. For high resolution, high-end labels, we will use our state-of-the-art MPS EB370 8 colour printing press. We can make virtually any label you want with foil embellishment in large quantities at really competitive prices using this equipment. For simpler labels, we can use a smaller Edale Alpha 250 printing press. This is ideal for labels with up to 3 colours on it.

      Pricing Gun Labels

      We have several Mark Andy narrow web label presses dedicated to price gun label manufacture and are ideal for producing a wide range of pricing gun labels, including common CT4 26mm x 12mm price gun labels, CT7 26mm x 16mm 2 line pricing and label gun labels. Our production system uses ‘turreted’ presses which means fast production runs are possible and lower costs are available for pre-printed price gun labels.

      Price Guns

      We offer a wide range of price guns for next day delivery off the shelf. We supply a range of Open Data, Swing and Danro price guns. These come in one line (CT4 and CT1) size, two line (CT7) and three line (CT10) variants. Call us on 01332 864895 or click the call back request on the right of this site and have us call you to discuss your order.

      Blank Labels

      We have three turreted semi-automatic plain label conversion machines capable of producing large volumes of plain labels for use in thermal printing systems. Vellum and Semi-Gloss labels can be manufactured with ease and in volume for use in thermal transfer printers. Direct Thermal economy and Direct Thermal semi-topcoat materials can be processed for use in direct thermal printers, again in large volumes.

      Thermal Printers

      We can supply a range of thermal printers, both direct thermal and thermal transfer derivatives, for use in small businesses and for industrial output volumes. Along with specialist labelling software, we are a one-stop shop for all your labelling needs.

      Quality Assured

      With our IS0 9001: 2008 certification, you can be sure that you will receive labels of the highest quality.

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