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    Drinks Labels and Bottle Labels

    Drinks Labels form a major part of Positive ID Labels’ business activity and is one of the many types of labels we produce. We have hundreds of customers who buy drinks labels of all sorts; beer labels, gin labels and fruit juice labels from us every year. We can manufacture beverage labels for you on a range of available materials with the correct adhesives for your bottling process.

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    We have vast experience producing beverage labels; beer labels, cider labels, wine labels as well as spirit bottle labels such as flavoured gin labels or rum labels and the like. We also produce drinks labels for soft drink manufacturers, iced teas, juices and smoothies.

    Our printing processes allow you to order small quantities as low as 1,000 labels or large volumes running into hundreds of thousands.

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    Digital Drinks Labels and Bottle Labels

    The growth in artisan breweries, drinks, juices and smoothies has lead to more variety and smaller volumes of beverage labels and beer labels being ordered. To meet this need for drinks labels, we have a full-colour digital printing press capable of producing bottle labels on white, clear and metallic plastics. Whilst plain white substrate can deliver fantastic results, clear materials and silver materials can add another dimension to the impact of your beverage and beer labels. Our digital press really is ideal for creating remarkable beer labels to help your product fly off the shelf.

    The digital printing press uses bubble jet technology on an industrial scale. We print 20 metres of material per minute and cut it with the laser cutting equipment on the press. This means there is no need for printing plates or cutters. It also means there are very few tooling restrictions that could otherwise limit your options with a flexographic printing method. The laser die cutting technology allows us to cut labels to any shape or size. This means your drinks labels will fit your bottles or containers like a glove.

    We work closely with third-party bottling companies as well as directly with breweries to print high-quality full-colour bottle labels for application to your bottles. Our digital press can also print full flood white ink. This means we can produce beautiful labels using clear or metallic materials and allows us to create outstanding labels that really catch the eye.

    Using clear polypropylene (PP) material, we can make your labels appear to be printed directly on the bottle. Using metallic materials, we can make your labels appear to have foil embellishment and give a premium finish. The impact of these labels can only serve to increase your sales and give your brand a premium aura.
    Beverage Labels - Juice Labels

    Flexographic Drinks Labels

    For larger orders, we can make your beverage labels using a flexographic printing process. This is ideal for larger orders or larger labels where the cost of producing digitally would be prohibitive.

    Printing bottle labels flexographically uses printing plates on printing cylinders that repeat the print image on a regular basis. This is known as the ‘repeat’. As a result of the technology, we can run your job faster than digital reducing time and unit costs. We typically run flexographic jobs at around 80 metres a minute although we can run as fast as 120 metres for very large jobs.

    We can do artwork for your Drinks Labels and Beer Labels

    We aim to make your drinks label purchase as easy as possible. We can do artwork for you or we can accept artwork from your graphic designer. Ideally, your graphic designer will follow our artwork guidelines which means we can prepare your production files with the minimum of fuss or delay. If we are printing your drinks labels using our digital technology, changes can be made and implemented into production in minutes.

    For flexographic beverage labels, we will need to prepare your artwork and make printing plates to produce the labels. As a result, once you have agreed your artwork is correct, we will send it to our specialist plate maker who will prepare high-resolution printing plates for us to use. This usually takes 2 working days.

    If necessary, we will also order a cutter to cut the labels from the printed stock. The cost of this varies depending on the complexity of the die. If we need to order a cutter, we will do so at the same time we order your printing plates.

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