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    Jam Jar Labels

    Jam Jar Labels are ideally suited to our manufacturing capabilities. At Positive ID Labels we have been making food labels and all kinds of self-adhesive labels and can make your jam labels and preserve labels using our Jetrion 4900 digital UV inkjet printer. Turn around times are quick meaning quick deliveries for you.

    Please note that we have a Minimum Order Value of £100. This will buy you roughly 2000 jam jar labels.

    How we make Jam Jar Labels

    We operate a completely inline production method. This means we start with a huge roll of feedstock adhesive material to print jam jar labels. The press then prints the labels in full colour using the wide format inket print heads. In this step, we may produce several labels across the web of material. We can put a different jam jar label design in each lane at this point which makes production very efficient.

    The printed material then passes straight into the laser die cutting station. Here, lasers cut the shape of the preserve or chutney label by burning through the face material to the depth of the label liner – just a few hundredths of a millimeter. This is done at a rate of 20 metres per minute. Incredible technology.

    From this point, the jam jar labels are ready for finishing. The machine then draws up the waste material, called the matrix, from the printed feedstock. At this point, we will have several lanes of labels. These are slit and wound on rolls. The machine can produce these in sequence and we can load multiple jobs into the queue. The machine is clever enough to stop when the label sets change and divide your order into the appropriate rolls.

    Quoting for Preserve Labels

    We will quote you based on the total number of labels that you order. If all your labels are the same size, this will be a single price no matter how many design and flavour types you need for labelling your jams and preserves. If you have a few different sized labels, we will quote by the label size.

    Call us on 01332 864895 and one of our team will build you a quote straight away.

    You can get a quote for digitally manufactured jar labels within minutes.
    Alternatively, fill in the form below and we will call you back.

    High Volume Chutney and Jam Jar Label Orders

    For high volume orders, it may be more cost effective to make your jam jar labels on a flexographic press. This print method requires printing plates and rotary cutting equipment. This is suitable where volumes of 10,000 or more labels are needed. Plates cost £35 each and you will normally need 4 printing plated per jar label design. We can make composite plates too. This means we can have a design in each lane which can reduce production set up costs for your preserve labels.
    image of preserve labels, pickle labels, jam labels and jam jar labels
    Flexographic labelling needs flexible rotary dies to cut the labels. Unlike the laser system on the digital press, this is a mechanical process. If you are using an unusual shape, we may need to purchase a new die for you. Prices for these are passed to you at cost. A die will normally cost between £60 and £200 depending on the complexity of your preserve label design.

    Preserve Label Artwork

    You can supply artwork to us and we will process it to make your printing plates or prepare production files for the digital press. Artwork should ideally be supplied in accordance with our artwork guidelines. Alternatively, if you give us a sample image of a design you like, or can give us a design brief, we can design your labels for you. Our in house design staff can come up with a range of designs and ensure your labels meet regulatory requirements. Coupled with our Nutrition calculation software solution, Nutridata, we can ensure nutrition data is accurate.

    Call us on 01332 864895 and one of our team will build you a quote straight away.

    You can get a quote for digitally manufactured jar labels within minutes or alternatively, fill in the form below and we will call you back.

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