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    Nutridata Nutrition Calculation Software

    Nutridata Nutrition Calculation Software

    nutridata - nutrition calculation software
    IMPORTANT UPDATE: Positive ID Labels have decided to re-develop this software to work in a browser rather than as a stand-alone program. This means users will be able to access the software from any internet connected device. The software will use a different user interface (as it will be accessed through a web page) but will retain all the other features of the original software. Any current users will be contacted with specific details but all user data will be transferred into the new software solution free of charge.

    We expect the new software to be launched in early May 2019

    Nutridata Nutrition Calculation Software is a software developed by Positive ID Labels to meet the labelling requirements set out in EU law. This law means qualifying companies must give special attention to the nutrition information on the products they provide. The software allows you to meet those legal requirements by generating a proper database for use with Label Direct labelling software or EnLabel labelling software.

    Nutridata Nutrition Calculation Software – What it does

    Nutridata helps you determine the nutrition value of your products and exports this data to a spreadsheet so you can include it in your database driven labels. It was designed with our label software in mind and works easily with Label Direct and EnLabel.

    EU regulations mean certain information must be set out on a food label for businesses that are obliged to do this. Nutridata software will take the ingredients you use and the recipes you make them into to calculate the constituent nutrition data. It then exports that to a file to be used with your labelling software.

    Call us now on 01332864895 and we will send you a report explaining all the nuances of the labelling law, free of charge.

    Nutridata also calculates the ingredient list and places it in a quantitative order. This means your ingredients will be list in compliance with legal requirements.

    The software also analyses the ingredients in your products and recipes and highlights the allergens in the ingredients. There are 14 key allergens that companies are required by law to list in their food products. This is flexible and not fool-proof so you can manually add ingredients and select how they will be highlighted in the output database.

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