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    CT5 Labels – 22mm x 12mm Wavey Edge Labels

    CT5 Labels

    CT5 labels 22mm x 12mm are an industry-standard size.  They are a relatively uncommon label gun label compared to many other sizes on the market.

    CT5 labels are characterised by opposing curves on the left and right edges of the label.

    Positive ID Labels can manufacture labels in plain or pre-printed label format with a choice of colours and adhesives:

    Print options for CT Labels:

    Colours: White, Pantone, Dayglo
    Bespoke printing available in any colour
    Adhesives: Permanent, Peelable, Waterproof, Freezer

    These labels fit many brands of label gun including:

    Lynx PR422
    Lynx CP6
    Meto 622
    Meto 80 PA1/2
    Meto 85
    Meto 2206
    Meto 2207/PA1/2
    Meto 2208
    Meto 2208 PA2



    There are over 20 types of pricing gun labels (or label gun labels) available in the UK marketplace. Positive ID Labels produce a range of pricing gun labels at our factory in Melbourne, South Derbyshire.
    Some potential customers may come to us with one of the label types that we do not manufacture. That poses no problem as we are able to show you what we can offer. We will introduce you to a new size, prepare your artwork, and supply replacement guns.
    As one of the UK’s leading pricing gun label manufacturers, we have 4 printing presses ready to make your order. 2 of our printing presses can make either, CT4 (26mm x 12mm) price gun labels or CT7 (26mm x 16mm) pricing gun labels. These presses include a turret. This allows us to print and finish your labels in one sequence. This means faster turnaround times and better prices for you! We also have one press set up to print CT1 22mm x 12mm ‘punch hole’ labels. The fourth press is ready to make any of the other variants of pricing gun label you may need.

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