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    Open Data C17 Pricing Guns

    Positive ID Labelling have over 20 years experience supplying Open C17 Pricing Guns in the UK market. Pricing guns are carried in stock and dispatched on the same day of your order. Order cut off is 2.30pm Monday to Friday.

    Consists of 2 rows of numeric digits. 10 digits across the top row and 7 digits across the bottom row.

    Open Data C17 Pricing Guns are made to the highest standards using modern durable materials. Italy manufactures some of the finest pricing guns available on the planet so we admit we favour quality over price.

    Years of manufacturing design and development means your Open C17 Pricing Guns will perform to the highest standard for you at all times. Components of the pricing gun are made to exacting standards under the strictest quality control. This is reflected in both the ease of use and longevity of the product. Customers also benefit from free servicing of their pricing guns when they buy their labels from us. A service offered by none of our competitors.

    We stock Open C17 Pricing Guns in-house and can supply them individually or in bulk. We are a one-stop shop and will supply your labels to go with the labelling gun. Labels can be manufactured with a range of adhesives best suited for the conditions of use planned.

    You can call us directly on 01332 864895 to discuss your needs and place your order. Labels for your Open C17 Pricing Guns will need the correct adhesive for the task required and we can supply your labels using peelable, permanent or freezer grade adhesive.

    Using Open data C17 Pricing Guns

    With the right labels in your labelling gun, the operation could not be simpler. Once loaded, set the digits to appear on your label by pulling the dial crown out and dialling in the right code. Holding the labelling gun by the handle, a pull of the lever mechanism prints the code on the label and ejects the label from the mouth of the label gun at the front.

    The ejection port includes a small roller to apply pressure to the label. Simply wipe the label onto the item being labelled and you’re done! Loading new stock labels could not be simpler. Feed labels are held on a roll holder on the top of the labelling. This is accessed by a pressure catch and child’s play to reload. A lever mechanism on the foot of the label gun opens the internal routing path.

    The user then feeds the new labels through to the port at the front and closes the labelling gun back up. Job done!


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