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    Ink Roller for Jolly Pricing Guns

    Ink Rollers for Jolly Pricing Guns – Supplied in packs of 5

    Ink Rollers for Jolly Pricing Guns are supplied free with orders of 90,000 Swing Pricing Gun Labels

    The Jolly ink roller for Swing pricing guns fits all Swing (and Jolly) Pricing Guns. This simplicity means there can be no confusion regarding the ink roller required for your Swing Label Gun. There is only one type of Jolly Ink Roller for Swing Pricing Guns and it fits all Swing price guns no matter which model.

    A Jolly ink roller for Swing pricing guns should provide the user with 15,000 impressions before needing replacement. The ink roller uses UV resistant inks for durability and fade resistance. We supply Jolly ink rollers in packs of 5 (minimum order) and these can be bought directly through the website.

    Jolly Ink Rollers are suitable for the following Swing Price and Label Guns supplied by Positive ID Labels:

    Swing C6 single line price gun
    Swing C8 single line price gun
    Swing 9 Egg Labeller single line label gun
    Swing S10 single line price gun
    Swing S10 Date single line label gun
    Swing C17 two line price gun
    Swing C20 two line price gun

    Fitting your Ink Roller

    To fit the ink roller we recommend wearing nitrile or latex gloves to keep ink off your fingers then follow these simple steps:

    How does the Ink Roller for Jolly Pricing Guns work?

    The Jolly ink roller is a foam cylinder soaked in a viscous UV resistant ink. When the user depresses the lever of the price gun, the ink roller rotates over the print head of the price gun. This applies a thin layer of ink to the characters on the print head bands prior to impression on the label.

    The design of the label gun means that the ink roller dispenses a little ink on the print head bands every time a label is used. As a result of this process, the output of the price gun should mean the labels are uniform in presentation at all times until the ink roller is exhausted.


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