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    TSC Thermal printer installation instructions

    Do not install anything from included CD (if included)

    Prerequisites : 

    – A Microsoft Windows based computer (7, 8, 10 supported, Windows 11 is in test) – We do not support Apple devices.
    You will require administrative rights on your computer, if you account is restricted you will need assistance from your IT team (This usually applies to schools and large businesses)

    There are 2 TSC printer versions:
    – Standard (TC200, DA200)
    On these the license is held within the software on the computer, so you can print from ONE computer to any number of printers. 

    – SOLO (T245)
    On these the license is held within the printer itself, so you can print from multiple computers to one printer.

    Both are installed in the same way, but require use of the correct set of drivers and software versions. 

    Step 1:
    – NON ‘SOLO’ printers:
    Download the appropriate driver package: and select: TSC_2018.2.exe

    Download Label Direct: and select: labeldirect_tsc_v4.15.exe


    – ‘SOLO’ printers:
    Download the appropriate driver package: and select: SOLO

    Download Label Direct: and select: labeldirect_solo.exe

    Step 2: Hardware setup

    Unpack your printer, if a CD is supplied with it, ignore this for now.
    Connect your printer to power and to the computer using the supplied USB cable.

    Step 3: Driver Installation
    In some cases the driver will automatically be downloaded and installed, but this is rare.
    Open Device Manager (in windows 10 right click on the start button and select Device Manager from the popup)
    Click on “Software Devices” if your printer model number shows up in here then you need to install the drivers. Run the appropriate driver package downloaded earlier and follow the on-screen instructions. A folder called “Seagull” may be created on your desktop, this can be deleted once installation is complete. 

    The printer should then move from “Software Devices” to “Printers” in Device Manager. It will also show up under Printers & Scanners in Control Panel/Settings.  

    Great! Now let’s install some software…

    Step 4: Software installation
    Run the appropriate installation package (labeldirect_tsc_v4.15.exe  or  labeldirect_solo.exe)

    Follow the on-screen installation instructions, select mm when asked, and select your printer when asked.

    You should now see 2 new icons on your desktop – Label Direct and Direct Print.
    Once installed you may need to restart your computer, this is recommended anyway.

    Step 5: Testing
    Now you can test that everything is working, open Label Direct, on the right you will see “Printer Settings” , click Change and confirm that your correct printer model and printer driver are selected. Also be sure that your print method (Direct thermal or Thermal Transfer) is correctly set. Now close this popup.

    Now click on Help (top bar) and open “Diagnostic Tool”.
    At the bottom left of this, click “Get Status” – it should say Ready above the button.

    Now you are ready to design and print! 

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