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Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer Printing

How do you choose between direct thermal or thermal transfer printing? Thermal printing is a digital printing process, which produces printed images by selectively heating coated heat-sensitive paper – usually curing the paper to turn it black where heated (although other colours can be achieved). Thermal transfer printing uses a coated ribbon to produce durable, […]

Thanks Sakshi – Work Experience Success

Positive ID Labelling provide work experience to staff families and a limited number of local schools. Work experience forms an important part of student development and helps senior pupils get a grasp of what lies ahead in their working lives. We have been happy to have several youths come through our doors and be exposed […]

Sandwich Labelling Regulations

Sandwich Labelling Regulations is a pretty tedious topic so if you want to cut straight to the chase, feel free to call us on 01332 864895 during office hours for advice and help setting up a sandwich labelling system. Alternatively, fill in the form at the bottom of this article and we will call you […]

Mega Roll Handling Equipment Investment

To keep up with our burgeoning order book, we have invested in some mega roll handling equipment. Plain label manufacture is a core activity and sales come in from Positive ID Labelling, our sister company Danro Labelling Systems and our dedicated plain label and label printing operation, LynkData. Recently, order volumes have increased and we […]

Price Weigh Scale Withdrawn

We regret to announce we have had to remove the price weigh scale system from our product range. The price weigh scale system has proven successful but has been uneconomic due to long set up times and support obligations to end users. We have taken the decision to withdraw the product and focus on supporting […]

New Directors Appointed

New Directors: Positive ID Labelling are proud to announce the appointment of three staff members to the board of directors. Being issued shares in the company, Helen Dennis, Danny Carr and Pete Howells are all joining the board after 30 years of combined experience with the company. The New Directors of PID Labelling Helen Dennis […]

Our New Etirama E350

Etirama sent us a video of the progress they are making, building our new Etirama E350 pritning press.

Bespoke Cider Labels for Darley Abbey Cider

Bespoke cider labels are running on the press this week – along with all sorts of other labels! Sales Manager, Dom Rafferty has been contacted by Darley Abbey Cider to help them with a project to help local people turn their apples to cider. Local people donate their unwanted apples to Simon Worsey at Darley […]

How to Convert Sodium to Salt for a Food Label

You may need to convert sodium to salt for a food label to meet the EU regulations. It is not lawful to convey sodium content alone and consumers should not be expected to do the calculations in their head! In fact, you may only convey information as “Salt” – you are no longer allowed to […]

Avian Flu Egg Labels get us on BBC Regional News

Avian flu egg labels have meant a surge in business in a very small and short-lived niche. The surge in business meant James Robeson, a special correspondent of the BBC, came to see how we were coping with the production of millions of bird flu for free range egg labels. Thankfully, they left out the […]

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