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    Meet the Dogrectors of the Company

    Positive ID Labelling is a family run business so we’re not all seriousness and work, work, work! We are a dog loving company and our dogs have to come and work with us too where we count on them as dogrectors of the company.

    It is well known that dogs bring excellent health benefits to people, providing stress relief and diversion – sometimes required in any line of work. I am not just saying this! There is research that proves it too: One example is here and another is here (broken link).

    Pictured are our three dogrectors; Merlin, Ruby and Grogan.

    picture of Merlin, Ruby and Grogan

    Merlin (7) is a Sandhurst bred Black Labrador belonging to John and Stef Mayers, the company owners. He has a very calm temperament and specialises in wet noses when you least expect it. Merlin has had a pretty rough year with a tumour found in his back right leg in September, he has had three operations to sort it all out, including a skin graft. The good news is that he is fit as a fiddle now and back to normal (apart from also having his pockets picked during the last operation!).

    Ruby (7) belongs to Helen Dennis our Commercial Director. She is very elegant and very fast! Unlike Merlin, she is not a pure breed and we can only assume there is some whippet in her or something else very sporty.

    Finally, Grogan (3) a cross breed of Staffordshire Bull Terrier and German Shepherd, belonging to Mark Hurst, our Sales Director. Whilst those breeds sounds pretty terrifying, nothing could be further from the truth as he is a big softy with a playful calm temperament. He is prone to being a little boisterous but is improving from when he was a pup. Grogan specialises in sanitation investigation and can often be found emptying bins around the office. He is also obsessed with reflections and will spend hours jumping on shimmers of light from the chrome chairs in the office. I will find a video of it for you!

    All in all, they make a great team and provide a lot of stress relief for us all. Just beware that if you are coming to see us at the office, these guys will be your reception party.

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