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    LabelDirect Database Update: Fixed

    Windows Update FixIn October Microsoft released a security update with a twist. The update caused a breakdown in the way data is passed between different software on Microsoft based computer systems. This meant that all our customers with the latest update lost the use of LabelDirect in database mode. This was documented in this post.

    Understandably, many customers accused us of being at fault whereas it was, in fact, Microsoft as a result of their security patch. The impact of this change was massive and struck virtually all systems using so-called O.D.B.C.’s (open database connectivity).

    It was not just restricted to labelling systems – it affected any system using the database technology that has been a standard since the 1990’s!

    We were happy to help our customers work around the problem by removing and stopping updates but that was a short-term solution. We also found keeping the database open at the same time as using the database with label direct gave a good short-term fix. However, any fix that relies upon a work-around could have no permanence and would leave customers vulnerable.

    We are pleased to confirm that Microsoft has addressed the problem with its latest range of security updates and our advice is to now let Microsoft Updates run on your system and ensure your security patches are up to date. This means you will have the security you need as well as the useability you had before this mess.

    If you have disabled your updates, there are a number of ways of reactivating them. This is generally found in the security centre which can be found under the control panel.

    In Windows 7, you can go to the Security centre found via the control panel and reactivate your security and windows updates there. This article can show you how to do that.

    Alternatively, if you are using Windows 8 you can watch this video which will give you instructions to switch updates back on.

    Finally, for Windows 10 users, unless you used the Microsoft “Snap In” to permanently switch the update system off, your system will have updated itself with annoying abandon in any event! If it was the case you successfully switch Windows Update off, you can read this article to see how to re-enable security updates.

    Once updates are re-activated, you can let them run. If LabelDirect fails to work again, it will most likely be because all of the updates have not been installed. If this is the case, you may need to manually override the system and force the updates along. Generally, this may require a number of restarts in order for all the updates to become applied.

    To find out how to manually apply windows updates for your operating system, just do a google search for “manually apply update windows x” where “x” is your windows version, 7, 8 or 10.

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