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    Label Printers and Labelling Software

    image opf label direct and nutridata labelling software with TDP225 2 inch label printer, TTP245C labelling printer and Industrial ME240 thermal label printer

    Label Printers and Labelling Software have a myriad of applications and uses in industry and society. Whether it be sandwich labelling, product labelling or batch monitoring and control labelling, you need a labelling solution that is reliable, dependable and easy to use. For simple requirements such as date coding, a pricing gun may meet your needs. For more complex needs, a computer-based system may be the best solution for you.

    For over a decade, Positive ID Labels have been providing and advising customer with labelling printers and labelling software to meet all the requirements you may face. We can tailor a solution ideally to your requirements.

    Free Label Printer and Labelling Software Support

    Unlike many competitors, here at Positive ID Labels, we pride ourselves on the standard of service and support you will receive. We don’t sell and run, we solve and stay!

    Customers who buy complete systems and labels from us can be assured of ongoing support and service. Technical support is provided free of charge with the remote installation of any computerised label printer and labelling software included in the price you pay. If you run into any problems down the line, a phone call is all you need to get the problem solved. We manage to solve 99% of issues without the need to recall any hardware.

    Not only will we give you an online training session over the phone and on your computer, we will also provide labelling software instructions videos for you to refer to at any time. This will guide you through any issues you may encounter, 24-hours a day.

    Thermal Label Printers

    Thermal Label Printers - SOLO D225 2 inch label printer and T245 Thermal Transfer label printerWe supply a range of TSC based thermal label printers. These are robust, well-built and reliable. You can order desktop printers that use standard direct thermal printer paper or you can use non-thermal materials with printer ribbons. We will advise you on the best solution for you but you can read our guide on the differences between thermal transfer printing and direct thermal printing.

    We also offer a range of industrial printers that are suited to higher usage and deliver higher print speeds. Either desktop thermal label printers or industrial label printers can be configured to work with our SOLO label software. There is no licensing requirement as the license is held in the printer itself. You can use SOLO systems with a laptop or desktop computer or you can program them to work standalone with a simple small-footprint keyboard.

    Label Printer Labelling Software

    We offer a choice of Label Direct, Label Direct for SOLO or EnLabel software to our customers. Label Direct software is designed specifically to deliver high-performance labelling needs in conjunction with the TSC or modified TSC SOLO printers we supply. We will advise you when you call us on 01332 864895 to discuss your order.

    EnLabel software is designed to work with any printer whether it is a specific label printer or a normal office desktop printer printing labels on A4 sheets and the like. EnLabel provides a very powerful labelling solution where complexity is an issue. Label Direct is ideally suited to simpler needs in terms of text and data layout.

    Labelling Software and Databases

    Our software works seamlessly with databases of varying complexity. You can design a template label and then have data fed into the label via the software, from a database.

    The database can be as complex or simple as your requirements demand. Databases can be configured as simple tables in Microsoft Excel or can be driven from Queries using Microsoft Access Software. 99% of our customers can get by using Microsoft Excel tables for their products. Whatever your needs, we will talk you through it and support you all the way. You are in the best hands possible.

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