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    1 Line Pricing Guns

    1 Line Pricing Guns are pricing guns that only print one line of text on a pricing gun label. The 1 line price guns we can offer come in three sizes: 19mm x 10mm, 22mm x 12mm (CT1) and 26mm x 12mm (CT4). Other than the size of the label the only other options for 1 line pricing guns are simply the number and type of characters that the pricing gun can print.

    The design of pricing gun printing heads means 1 line price guns can print between 6 and 10 characters per line. The characters are on circular bands on the print heads. There is a band for each character position. These can be selected by pulling the crown on the print head to one side which selects the band to be adjusted. Rotating the crown rotates the band to select whichever character you want on that band.

    Why buy pricing guns from Positive ID Labels



    1 Line Pricing Guns come is some very common formats. It is possible to modify 1 line pricing guns to specific needs by changing the bands before dispatching the pricing gun to you. If you have a specialised requirement that is not available on a standard pricing gun, just give us a call on 01332 864895.

    Common Characters for 1 Line Pricing Guns

    As these pricing guns are normally used for pricing, it comes as no surprise that the bands normally include numbers and some currency characters. Common characters include: £, $, €, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, -, / ea, ₵ and p. Not all of these characters will be available on all rows. For example, the ₵ and p characters will only be available in the last 2 bands on the right-hand side of the print head.

    Swing S9, Swing S10, and Open Data S10 have character sets ideal for doing date labelling and they are specifically designed for this purpose. Date coding guns are specifically designed for Best Before and use by labelling.

    Using 1 Line Pricing Guns

    Operating a 1 line pricing gun could not be simpler. Once the label gun is loaded with labels, the operator sets the print head to print whatever data is needed. Holding the pricing gun by its handle, squeezing the handle together rolls the print head over the inking roller and offers a label up to the print head to make the impression. Releasing the handle ejects the label from the front of the gun, ready for application on the item being labelled.

    Reloading and Maintenance

    All our pricing guns are made of robust materials with efficient and durable design in mind. A typical pricing gun can do millions of impressions before wearing out. There is very little maintenance involved other than consumables.

    1 Line Pricing Guns use rolls of labels supplied by us. Normally, a roll of labels will have 1500 labels but this does vary by label type (19mm x 10mm (1910), 22mm x 12mm (2212) and 26mm x 12mm (CT4s or 2612s)). Loading feedstock is very simple with the user needing to open the pricing gun and feeding new stock through the feed path.

    Ink rollers will need replacing every 15,000 labels (every 10 rolls of labels) or thereabouts. You will know when they need replacing.

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