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    Security Labels and Void Labels

    We print Security Labels and Void Labels using a range of techniques as part of our
    repertoire of label products. These are suitable for security and warranty protection uses of all kinds and the type and features of your security label will be made to the specification you need for the application you require.

    Positive ID Labels can make security labels with a number of security features to meet any requirements. Security print features include; micro text print, guilloche patterning, copy evident backgrounds and purposely placed micro design faults and invisible inks. There are also a number of physical features that are incorporated to ensure security. These include “blockout” features, tamper evident adhesive, destructible material, micro cuts and more.

    Security Labels can have a number of applications; Asset Tracking Labels, Warranty Protection Labels, “Void if Removed” Labels, secure certification or inspection recording. The task of the label is to prevent fraud or certify management procedures are followed.

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    Due to their nature, security labels are best discussed in person and we cannot explain all the features we have in our armoury for security reasons! Call us on 01332 864895 to get started with your security labels. Alternatively, fill in the form below and we will call you back.

    Print Features on Security Labels

    To meet your needs, there are many features we can incorporate into your security labels. Security features should be ‘layered’ so any counterfeiter will have to overcome several layers of security – some of which they will miss. Below is an outline of some common security features:

    Micro Text

    Mirco text print uses extremely small text to act as a security feature in your secure label. This is very difficult to achieve without access to very specialised printing plates. A counterfeiter would also need a very high-quality printing press to mimic such a feature. Micro text print on your security labels can be made more secure by the use of invisible inks utilising a range of UV wavelengths. More than one invisible ink can be used (and even overprinted on one another) to add extra security.

    Guilloche Patterns

    Guilloche printing is commonly seen in bank notes and financial documents. It is impossible to duplicate without the guilloche patterns over-exposing in the copied documents. This overexposure will often reveal itself as a phrase or warning identifying duplication. You can see for yourself if you photocopy a ten-pound note, a passport or a driving license document. These guilloche patterns need very high-quality printing plates and are extremely difficult to duplicate.

    Micro Faults

    Micro faults are another security feature that are very difficult to duplicate. The first issue is identifying the print error which will be so small, it will not be noticed by the naked eye. We will discuss this kind of security feature for your secure labels when you call us on 01332 864895 The second is being able to reproduce it. With digital printing, dozens of printing errors can be introduced to different versions of the same file. We can also use an algorithm and a “checksum”, to verify the inclusion or exclusion of the print errors.

    “Invisible” Inks

    We use a range of UV inks that respond to specific wavelengths of light. Invisible inks can be overlayed upon one another to easily verify provenance of the label and the item being labelled. With such a range of inks available, a counterfeiter would need to identify the correct wavelengths or their counterfeit label would fail any secure test. This adds yet another layer of security to the label.

    Physical security on your Security Labels

    There are many material options to ensure your secure label is genuinely non-transferable. These include high-tack adhesive with enough grab to be nearly impossible to remove. Alternatively, void labels can include a delaminating adhesive layer. Once removed, they cannot be re-seated without showing they have been tampered with.

    Void labels can also include destructible materials that literally fall apart when you attempt to remove the label. These are utterly irreparable once tampered with.

    We can also introduce other security cuts to security or void labels that will tear upon removal. This security method is more economical than self-destructing materials and can be useful depending on the level of security and application for your security labels.

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