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    Plain or Pre-Printed Sandwich Labels

    Positive ID Labels specialise in providing sandwich labelling systems and plain or pre-printed sandwich labels to the UK catering industry. We provide a range of sandwich labelling systems suitable for small producers, medium and large volume sandwich producers in conjunction with their plain or pre-printed sandwich labels.

    We specialise in providing bespoke pre-printed sandwich labels that are designed for each customer specifically. We can of course provide plain labels but printed labels provide more impact and will improve sales. This means we will accept or complete artwork with your logo and design. This may be a simple rectangular label or a shaped label suited specifically to the packaging you use. We can produce any type of sandwich label you might want!

    plain and pre-printed sandwich labelsWe provide in house artwork support. This means we can help with the design of your label from your initial idea all the way through to the finished product. You can exploit our knowledge and expertise to get exactly what you need!

    Sandwich labels are normally printed on a material called “Direct Thermal” paper. This material has pigment on the surface that cures when heated. Coupled with a thermal printer, you can print labels with variable text using your ‘blank’ labels as the template. Data can be stored in a simple spreadsheet to include things like the name of the product, the ingredients, the price and the use by date (calculated at the time you print the label).

    Using our Label Direct software and one of our proven sandwich label printers, you can easily print sandwich labels for your products, on demand. This is the most cost-effective way you can prepare legally compliant sandwich labels for your business.

    Why buy Pre-Printed Sandwich Labels from Us?

    Making your Pre-Printed Sandwich Labels

    We will make your pre-printed sandwich labels using either our MPS or Edale flexographic printing press or our UV inkjet digital printing press. This means you will be able to take advantage of our full-colour printing capability to deliver striking and vibrant labels whichever method is used.

    Large orders are generally cheaper to make using flexographic printing technology. This requires some tooling as a one-off cost on the first print run, but those costs are just one off. The benefit of flexographic printing is fast printing speed. This means large numbers of labels can be printed quickly, reducing the production cost on longer runs.

    Small orders can be done on our digital printing press. This press is effectively a large bubble jet printer like the ones you find in offices, schools and homes. The difference is it is an industrial printer capable of printing over 20 metres of material per minute.

    Digitally produced printed sandwich labels do not need any printing plates or cutters. The inkjet technology means we can print in full-colour, any design. The press is fitted with a digital laser die-cutting station. This means the label shapes are cut from the feedstock using lasers as they travel along the printing path!. The labels are then slit and finished in one process.

    Digitally printed sandwich labels are cost-effective on smaller runs up to about 10,000 labels. Larger orders become more cost-effective on our flexographic printing presses.

    Sandwich Label Support

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    Did you know, if you have one of our sandwich labelling systems and you buy your sandwich labels from us, we will offer free technical support for all your sandwich labelling needs?

    You can relax in the knowledge that our expert IT support staff are at the end of a phone (during office hours), to help fix any problems you may encounter with your computer and sandwich labelling systems! We will even “remote in” and fix your computer settings while you watch if you like!

    No other label manufacturer in the UK offers the high level of support Positive ID Labels do.

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