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    Numbeller Sequential Label Gun

    numbellerCase Study: AMC Removals, Co Kildare: Numbeller

    AMC Removals used small labels on sheets and would identify all items being moved from one destination to storage by numbering everything. But they had to write them out by hand! I.e. 1.2.3. etc. a long and labour intensive process with the added difficulty of hand writing legibility and problems of duplication and human error.

    Positive ID Labels were consulted and we recommended Sequential Numbering Label Guns (sometimes called a “Numbeller“)

    These devices automatically number labels as they are dispensed. To use one, you simply pull the handle and the label gun prints a number on the label and using the action to move the number counter on one step per label. These sequential labelling guns will mark all the way to 9999 without ever duplicating a number.

    So a simple low-cost solution with no risk of duplication and clear legible print every time, all done in no time at all!

    In this instance, the user was marking items with the labels from the numbeller so it was important to use a removable adhesive for easy removal from the item after the removal process was completed. Luckily, Positive ID Labels are a label manufacturer and can produce labels for label guns and numbellers – we can print on any coloured material and then print any colour text on top of that.

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