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Team Members

We have over 22 staff members working with the company in various roles. This is the senior management team:

John Mayers – Managing Director

John established the comany with his wife Stephanie (Finance Director) in 1987. Initially, the company operated as a Sand Blasting business only and we still do that line of work. He started out as an apprentice ar Rolls Royce in Derby but moved into sales in the late 1970s. Initially employed as a regional sales manager with Nor Label Systems, John struck out and started Positive ID Labelling Systems as a print bureau.

Initially providing short runs of thermally printed labels, once the company reached a big enough size, John invested in high volume printing equipment so he could manufacture labels ourselves. Growth has continued from then to today and we now have well over half a million pounds worth of printing presses operating every day.

Mark Hurst – Sales Director

Mark joined the company in 1999 as a salesman. Having achieved a degree from Southampton University, he used his expertise to grow the sales base of the company and now manages well over half a million pounds worth of accounts.

Appointed as Sales Director in 2010, he lead the marketing strategy for the advent of the digital press and has helped grow the digital business from nothing to over £300k per year.

Danny Carr – Production Director

Danny has been a printer his entire working life. He joined the company with the purchase of our first proper printing press in 2005. From there he has shared his wealth of production experience with the team and ensures day to day manufacturing runs smoothly. Our operating practices and procedures are managed on a daily basis by Danny and he provides invaluable input into day to day operations of the business.

Helen Dennis – Commercial Director

Responsible for the commercial matters for the business, Helen ensures the smooth running of the business from day to day with respect to our suppliers as well as managing over £150k worth of accounts. Joining in 2011 from British Car Auctions, Helen worked with the management team to overhaul many of the internal procedures and professionalise our working practices.

Peter Howells – Technical Director

A graduate from UMIST with over a decade of experience in the aviation industry, Pete joined the company as a freelancer in 2008. Initially working part-time on a number of small projects he has become an integral part of the management team using his knowledge of HR, planning and IT to help drive the companies procedures. He oversees contractual and legal matters.

Pete manages the Studio and oversees all matters relating to the digital printing press. He has helped us exploit available technology and produced a wide range of systems and procedures to help improve quality and performance.