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Hello and welcome to Positive ID Labelling Systems, the first port of call for any firm searching for quality

As well as supplying labelling equipment, we specialise in traditional and digital label printing; printing any sort of label between runs of 1,000 into the millions. Whatever your requirements, we have the capacity to deliver what you need.

Digital Label Printing wins hands-down on short runs

We have digital label printing and finishing equipment suited to printing full-colour labels of any kind. Whether it is sandwich labels, food labels, vape labels or chemical labels; our digital press can manufacture full-colour labels on demand.

Digital printing technology means we do not use traditional printing plates. Without the need for printing plates, lead time is reduced as well as cost. Your labels can be on the press within hours of you confirming your order.

Our digital equipment also has a digital laser die cutting station. Unlike traditional methods, lasers cut out the shape of your label from the feed-stock. This means we can cut complex label shapes without the need for physical cutters. You benefit from no restrictions on shape or size, nor the physical constraints of geared cylinders. It also means no costs or lead time for tooling before we can start making your order.

If you need less than 20,000 labels, digital printing may be the perfect solution for you. For larger volume print runs, traditional flexographic printing is usually more cost effective.

Traditional Flexographic Label Printing for large runs

We have invested £330,000 this year in an Etirama 350 6 colour printing press. This brand new press incorporates cutting edge technology to deliver the most outstanding print quality on longer label runs. Using CMYK printing, we can make any colour you like along with 2 spot colours on the press. The printer is 350mm wide and can run at over 100m per minute, keeping registration with sophisticated electronics and controls. We can churn out large runs in no time!

Traditional printing methods use flexographic plates wrapped around printing cylinders. These are fantastic for printing high volumes of labels as the press can run at high speed. Whilst the plates and cutters are restricted in ways that digital printing is not, the cost benefit in terms of time, means large label runs can be done at a fraction of the unit price of digitally printed labels.

Whatever your needs, please feel free to call us on 01332 864895 or fill in the form below and we will call you back

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It
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    Smartfuel Cuisine contacted us inquiring about food labels. Previously, they produced their own labels and design but they wanted a more professional finish and feel to the company. Therefore, they requested us to do a corporate rebrand. We produced the labels from scratch and let us have the freedom to design it for them with few restrictions. We produced their sandwich labels and they were delighted with the labels and were very happy with our patience over the design period.

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    SAMSI has been trading for 21 years, specialising in Japanese cuisine and food stuff. It began as an award-winning restaurant, which quickly expanded into four different cities in the North West of England. Samsi currently have a large Japanese supermarket which they sell a range of food stuffs including their own restaurant quality meal deal. We were contacted by them who were struggling to get their labels produced efficiently by their current supplier. Therefore, we proudly desi...

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    Last year Freezeland Ltd, a London based retailer of frozen products, contacted us regarding their labelling. Here at Positive ID we are proud to announce that we completely revamped their labelling process. We now supply them with 70,000 labels a year for them to use on their desktop printer system. Previously, they were only able to pre-order 500 labels of one type at a time from their supplier. They were pre-cut to singles with all data alread...